The Internship Program operates within the three, divisional, courthouses located in Fort Wayne, South Bend or Hammond, Indiana. This is a volunteer internship program under the direction of local and national policies and procedures, as well as management. Prospective student internships are not entitled to any benefits with the United States Probation and Pretrial Services Office.


The Internship Program serves to broaden the Probation Office's commitment to the community by selecting college and university students to serve in non-compensated student intern positions within our organization. Serving as student interns under the direction of a Probation Officer allows the individual the opportunity to enhance and broaden their education with practical experience in the field of criminal justice.


Those universities and colleges in the community who are a four year based school, and have programs that are humanity based programs, will be notified that an unpaid internship is available.

Students will be interviewed and selected at least four (4) to six (6) weeks prior to the time their semesters or quarters begin.

The internship program requires a minimum of 125 hours to complete.

The probation office would prefer students that have completed at least two courses related to humanity based classes, e.g., criminal justice, sociology, social work, psychology. However, students who do not meet this criteria may be considered. Selection of interns will be conducted by members of the probation office, which may include: Division Internship Coordinator and/or Division Supervising U.S. Probation Officer, a probation officer, Deputy Chief U.S. Probation Officer. Once selected, the recommendation will be submitted to the Chief U.S. Probation Officer for his review and acceptance.

Responsibilities of the United States Probation Office:

The United States Probation Office's responsibility in relation to the internship program, is to provide the intern with a well-rounded experience in all aspects of federal probation. Our goal is to provide the intern with hands-on experience in the three facets of probation: pretrial services; presentence report investigations; and supervision. The probation office will strive to provide the intern with as much exposure to each aspect of probation as possible during the internship assignment.

The United States Probation Office is responsible for conducting investigations and providing community supervision of offenders and criminal defendants who are under the jurisdiction of the United States District Court, the United States Parole Commission or the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The United States Probation Office also conducts investigations and provides supervision for those individuals that are paroled by military authorities.

The Pretrial Services Office is responsible for supervision of defendants prior to sentencing, providing services to these individuals, and keeping the Court advised of violations of conditions of release. The Probation Office is responsible for providing an unbiased presentence report to the Court, prior to sentencing. Finally, adjudicated defendants are supervised by probation officers in the community. The goals of supervision are to make sure court-ordered conditions are met, minimize and manage risk to the community, and assist the offender by integrating him/her back into society as a law-abiding citizen.

The investigation and supervision of defendants and offenders is an important and challenging mission. This can be accomplished only by well-trained, highly qualified professionals who share a spirit of commitment and a belief that their efforts can make a difference.

Responsibilities of the Intern:

Those individuals selected for this internship program become representatives of the United States Probation Office of the Northern District of Indiana. It is essential that the intern be committed to the program, and conduct himself or herself in a professional manner. The following are requirements of interns with the Probation Office:

Responsibilities of the College or University:

The participating school should recommend only mature, self-motivated, applicants that are in good standing and are emotionally prepared to work for the Federal Court System. They should ensure that the individual recommended is on a humanity based, or preferably a Criminal Justice, career path and is serious about a career in these areas. Once a student is selected for the internship program, a Memorandum of Understanding Between College/University and the United States District Court must be signed. The faculty members involved will need to maintain an on-going relationship with the Division Internship Coordinator at the Probation Office.

The faculty member may choose to make an on-site visit to see the intern, and complete an evaluation. This evaluation should occur towards the latter part of the student's internship, and should be coordinated with the Division Internship Coordinator.

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