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Probation Officer:
In the 94 federal judicial districts nationwide, U.S. probation officers play an integral role in the administration of justice. Probation officers serve as the community corrections arm of the federal court system. They provide to the court two important services: investigation and supervision. U.S. probation officers make an important contribution to the federal criminal justice process. Their mission is to investigate and supervise offenders whom the courts have conditionally released to the community on probation, parole, or supervised release. By serving as the court's fact-finder, controlling the risk offenders may pose to public safety, and providing offenders with correctional treatment, officers help ensure that persons previously convicted of crime obey the law rather than commit further crime. Officers' responsibilities require them to work not only with federal judges and other court professionals, but with U.S. attorneys, defense attorneys, Bureau of Prisons and U.S. Parole Commission officials, state and local law enforcement agents, treatment providers, and community leaders. Officers deliver services that benefit the court, the community, and the offender.

Pretrial Services Officer:
As community corrections professionals, probation officers preparing presentence reports possess and use skills from various disciplines to investigate relevant facts about defendants; assess those facts in light of the purposes of sentencing; apply the appropriate guidelines, statutes, and rules to the available facts; and provide clear, concise, and objective reports that will assist the sentencing judges in determining appropriate sentences, aid the Bureau of Prisons in making classification, designation and programming decisions, and assist the probation officer during supervision of the offender in the community.

Probation Officer Assistant:
Help probation and pretrial services officers carry out investigation and supervision duties, providing assistance and technical support in a wide range of areas. Perform such tasks as gathering information, preparing reports, and drafting correspondence related to cases. Supervise low-risk defendants and offenders, performing some of the same duties as officers, only under closer supervision.

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